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The most intelligent Smart Fridge System from Switzerland.

Let yourself be amazed by the high quality of the food and the easy handling.

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EMIL Basic
from CHF 2'100
excl. taxes & per month
The best option for SMEs


✔ Catering MO-FR around the clock, 24/5

✔ Individual food offer

✔ We cook & deliver ourselves

EMIL Happy
from CHF 2'350
excl. taxes & per month
The best option for large companies


✔ Everything from "EMIL Basic"

✔ Individual products pricing

✔ Lower products prices for employees

EMIL Always On
from CHF 2'590
excl. taxes & per month
The best option for companies operating 7/7 such as clinics, hospitals, etc.


✔ Catering MO-SU around the clock, 24/7

✔ Individual food offer

✔ We cook & deliver ourselves

The smart solution for happy employees



How can I attract talent as a company? EMIL Fröhlich's innovative and healthy solution greatly increases employee satisfaction and attractiveness as an employer.


Coworking spaces

What would be the use of the best coworking space without varied and fresh catering? EMIL can provide that - around the clock.


Hospitals & clinics

Short breaks, night shifts and still get a balanced and healthy diet? EMIL makes it possible.


Universities & schools

Brainfood and energy for lecturers, teachers, pupils or students? EMIL provides it to all those who have to rack their brains all day long.

Discover for yourself the high quality of the menus and EMIL's ease of use

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EMIL - the smart fridge

  • Its use is simple and fast - everything works via the smart EMIL app
  • The offer is continuously adapted on the basis of data and geared to the needs of the employees
  • Freshly prepared meals with seasonal, regional and sustainable products
  • A new assortment every week
  • An attractive & healthy diet for productive and satisfied employees
  • Highest flexibility - the time and place of the meal can be determined individually - 24/7
  • Plugin & Chill: EMIL Fröhlich is an all-round carefree package - give us a socket and we'll do the rest.
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