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Varied, healthy offer - freshly prepared.

Whether meat lover, vegetable junkie or vegan - our assortment is individually tailored to the company and its employees.

Here's howOur promise

You are what you eat.

We all know that it is not always easy to cope with the high demands of the modern working world. But when we eat a fresh and balanced diet, it has a positive effect on our daily life at the office. It makes us happier and healthier.



Salads & bowls

Healthy energy suppliers

Pink tofu bowl

Our healthy and freshly prepared power bowls provide energy and taste super delicious.

Swiss specialties

Typical Swiss classics

Älplermagronen & bacon

Whether Ghackets mit Hörnli or Züri Geschnetzeltes, EMIL regularly serves the most popular dishes of the Swiss cuisine - also vegetarian.

Fresh sandwiches

With or without meat

Gruyère & Emmental sandwich

Our fresh sandwiches are the ideal snack or for a light lunch.

Fresh wraps

Vegetarian or with meat

Smoked salmon wrap

Our wraps not only fill you up, but also provide lots of healthy carbohydrates, protein and vitamins.

International dishes

Popular dishes from around the world

Peanut curry

Food is an essential element of any culture. We offer traditional dishes from all over the world.


Fine pasta dishes

Broccoli Pasta

Whether it deals with penne, spaghetti, macaroni or tortelloni, we offer a wide variety of pastas with an even wider selection of sauces - there is certainly something for everyone.

Sweet snacks

Energy kick or reward?

Cakes, pastries, desserts, tarts, puddings,...

Wild berries & Chia pudding

In between, there must also be something sweet. Many different savory and sweet snacks provide an energy boost or are suitable as a small reward.

Salty snacks

Feeling hungry at work?

Quiches, nuts, almonds, hummus...

Spinach & bacon quiche

These salty nibbles are made to mindlessly eat them up until the bag is empty.

Muesli & Co.

For breakfast or dessert?

Bircher mueslis of all kinds, yogurts, puddings...
Hazelnut Bircher muesli

EMIL offers various muesli, yogurt and pudding variants. These are perfect as a small breakfast, for dessert or as a small snack.

EMIL - the smart fridge

  • Its use is simple and fast - everything works via the smart EMIL app
  • The offer is continuously adapted on the basis of data and geared to the needs of the employees
  • Freshly prepared meals with seasonal, regional and sustainable products
  • A new assortment every week
  • An attractive & healthy diet for productive and satisfied employees
  • Highest flexibility - the time and place of the meal can be determined individually - 24/7
  • Plugin & Chill: EMIL Fröhlich is an all-round carefree package - give us a socket and we'll do the rest.
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