Discover EMIL Fröhlich.
Simply great food,
wherever you are.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Emil Fröhlich. Every day, I make up and refine my own recipes and try out new creations.

You will find fresh produce as well as home-made food items in my fridge. A crunchy muesli in the morning, fresh leafy salad for lunch or a lovely curry to take home in the evening after a busy day. Between meals, you may replenish your energy with a tasty snack or drink. Wherever you are.

I’m here for everybody

These things matter to me

To make sure you find fresh and delicious meals every day, I cook them myself, in my own kitchen, and deliver them to you. I always make sure to....

  • use Swiss produce that is in season, whenever possible.
  • use high-quality ingredients.
  • always keep my eyes open to new food trends from around the world.
  • exclusively use Swiss meat.

How it works

Try EMIL Fröhlich now.

If you would like to get to know Emil Fröhlich, let us set up a meeting with you. We will be delighted to come over and tell you more about Emil Fröhlich over a test meal.

My team and I are looking forward to your call.

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Telefon: 058 432 43 20

The EMIL Fröhlich App

You operate my fridge via the Emil Fröhlich App. Browse our entire product range. Set your food preferences and discover the ingredients of your dish at a glance. Your fridge automatically recognises you as soon as you stand nearby.

You can open it by clicking a button. Payment, too, is simple with the App - the amount will be automatically charged to your credit card.



Us, for you

I am supported by an amazing, hard-working team. Any questions? Get in touch any time - we’re here for you.

Our contact details:
Phone: 058 432 43 20


Beat is our chef. He got his creativity and passion for cooking from his mum. They are the driving force behind his daily exploration of new, exciting creations for our guests.


Patrick, our sous-chef, has turned one of his passions into his profession. He is constantly searching for new flavour combinations. He dedicates his leisure time to his other passion - motorcycling.


Alexandra is in charge of consulting. She adores cooking and baking. She finds inspiration on her extended travels and in quirky cook books.


Urs is the head of Emil Fröhlich. He loves gardening in his spare time and thus shares Emil Fröhlich’s commitment to seasonality.


Dani, Emil Fröhlich’s managing director, is passionate about numbers. He balances his desk-bound job with loads of sports in his free time.


Remo is a digital whiz and makes sure that Emil Fröhlich’s fridge is in perfect working order. In his spare time, he enjoys going offline every now and again.